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Our Nursery Room

Little Pearls

In this room is our 0-12 months. The room is design to give our little pearls the comfort and tranquility they deserve and at the same time filled with all the amenities they need to proceed in their development. Our little pearl’s room is cosy and very comfortable

This room includes:

  • Sensory area
  • Cosy book area
  • Steering wheel hill
  • Swing chair
  • Little valley
  • Dream coracle walk in bed
  • Quite/sleep area
  • Natural light


In this room is our 1- 2 years old. The room is spacious, warm and home like where our little lilies begin their development journey. Here we have modern equipment, books, toys and games that aid a child in their development.

Amenities in the room include:

  • Creative /Art area
  • A mini mart
  • Sensory area
  • Construction area
  • Role play and active area.
  • Books shelve
  • Loads of toys.
  • loads of natural light

The Dolphins

This is our 2 - 3 years. The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotion and social development therefore this room was designed with that in mind. With access to our outdoor area this is a very special room for a child’s development.

The room consists of
  • Role play area
  • small world / construction area
  • access to wet play area
  • sensory corner
  • mark making
  • creative/art area
  • mini art island
  • book shelves
  • computer
  • music
  • access to outdoor
  • natural light

The Raccoons

This is our 3 - 5years. The raccoon room is for the preschoolers and it is the largest room in our setting, the design considered the preschoolers need. They have a lot of space to play, learn and prepare themselves for the new life they are about to embrace.

Comfortable and relaxing, we have given a lot of thought in the design of this room to help prepare preschoolers achieve the goal in the journey ahead of them.

The room boost of varieties of amenities which includes.
  • Computers
  • Projectors
  • Literacy corner
  • Role play area
  • Access to wet area
  • Access to outdoor
  • Creative/ art corner
  • Group area
  • Construction / small world
  • Science discovery area.
  • Book shelves
  • Music
  • Active area
  • Natural light